• 330W Portable Power Station, Flashfish 81000mAh Solar Generator With 110V AC/DC/USB/PD-Type-c/Car Port/SOS Light, Backup Battery Pack Power Supply For CPAP Outdoor Adventure Camping Emergency

330W Portable Power Station, Flashfish 81000mAh Solar Generator With 110V AC/DC/USB/PD-Type-c/Car Port/SOS Light, Backup Battery Pack Power Supply For CPAP Outdoor Adventure Camping Emergency

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solar generator

Bring Flashfish 330W Portable Power Station To Explore More On-the go!


Q1: What devices can Flashfish 300Wh power?

A: Please note that the AC output port can charge devices less than 330W, DC output can charge devices total less than 168W; Once exceeding, this portable power generator will be in protection mode and shut down.

Q2: How to calculate the working time for your devices?

A: 1. AC output working time=300Wh * 0.9/the total power of your devices

For example, assume your power of device is 20W, working time will be 300Wh * 0.9/20W=13.5 hrs ( rough calculated )

2. DC and USB output working time=300Wh * 0.95/the power of your device


For power saving, Flashfish 330W portable power station will be turned off automatically after 60s, please read the user manual to know more details

portable generator

solar generator
Flashfish Backup Power

Flashfish’s product lines equip the consumer with an industrial amount of clean, quiet and renewable power for life adventures, work and home backup power.

Used for recreationally :Van Life, Camping/Outdoors, Festivals, Tailgating

Used for emergency situations: Disaster Relief, Home Backup, Medical Devices

Used for professionally: Drones, Event Production, Business Travel

Let FlashFish Portable Power Generator Be Your Outdoor Charging Partner!

330W/300Wh Power Supply Portable Generator

Battery information:

Battery: 300Wh Lithium-ion Battery

AC Output: 330W Rated, 380W Peak Power

DC Outputs: 9~16.8V/ 10A (Max)

Car Port: 24V/3.8A

USB Outputs: 1*PD Type-c, 2*QC 3.0, 1*5V/ 2.4A Output

DC Input: 19V/3.34A

Battery Management System (BMS):

  • Short circuit Protection
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Overload protection
  • Overheating protection

Perfect CPAP Battery For Resmed Aisense 10 & Philips System One

cpap battery

Flashfish 330W is the leading cpap battery has both 12V DC and 24V DC Output on marketplace

We strongly recommend to purchase Flashfish DC Cable together for your cpap machine.

1. If your cpap is Airsense 10 or S9, you could purchase Flashfish 24V DC cable togethter, it pairs well when plug in the 24V/3.8A car port of the power station, the 24V DC cable is sold separately.

When using Flashfish 300Wh to power your S10 or S9, can power your cpap by two ways:

Purchase Flashfish OEM 24V DC power cord and charge it with 24V car port;

Plug your cpap machine direcly with AC Power

2. If your cpap machine is System One, you could purchase Flashfish 12V DC cable togethter, it pairs well when plug in the 12V dc output of the power station, the 12V DC cable is sold separately.

Can power your cpap by three ways,

AC Outouts

DC outputs 9~16.8V/ 10A (Max)

Car Port (24V/3.8A)

Charge time vary on CPAP brand, setting of pressure, humidifier/heated hose on or off, fix pressure or flexible pressure.

Strongly recommend that CPAP users use DC to DC converter to work with this unit and turn off or remove the heater/ humidifier, it should last longer

camping generator

power station

battery pack

Smart Digital Display

  • Show exactly how much power is left
  • Show the wattage of input or output in real-time
  • AC Output
  • DC Output
  • LED

Recommend To Purchase Flashfish 100W Solar Panel If Needed

Can power your solar generator by three ways:

  • AC Wall Charger (Included)
  • Flashfish 100W solar panel or 2 of Flashfish parallel 50W soalr panel( Sold Separately)
  • PD Port (supports input and output)

Can power your cpap by three ways

  • AC Outouts
  • DC outputs 9~16.8V/ 10A (Max)
  • Car Port (24V/3.8A)

You could pleaselet us know if you're not so sure the best way for powering your cpap machine.

cpap battery

emergency power

solar generator

Car, RV Camping Travel Trip

Take the lightweight portable generator Flashfish 330W with you on camping, travel, cottage trips, off-road, excursions, or anywhere you may need power.

300Wh Power For Most Devices

  • 330 watts AC output
  • 300Wh lithium ion battery
  • 24V carport
  • 12V DC ports
  • 45W PD Type c

Power Outdoors and Care Families

  • Laptop
  • Light
  • Tablet
  • Phone
  • Drone
  • Camera

About This Item:

1. HIGH AC OUTLETS AND LARGE CAPACITY POWER STATION - Unlike other backup powers with large ac output but small capacity, or with large capacity but small ac rated power. Flashfish solar generator equipped with both 330W AC outputs for some large devices, like portable freezer, TV; And 300Wh capacity allow you to power your smartphone, tablet, laptop, camera, light, drones, fans, in-car appliances, CPAP machine and more for hours. Note: working time depends on the actual output.

2. MULTIPLE OUTPUTS SUIT YOUR NEEDS - Flashfish 300Wh power station features with 2 x rated AC outlet , 2 x DC, 1 x carport outlet, 4 x USB. Can can power up to 9 devices simultaneously. Fits your power needs when power outage, camping, fishing, RV trip, hunting, emergency use, etc.

3. 24V/3.8A CAR PORT OUTPUT SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR CPAP USER - If your cpap machine is Airsense 10, then you’ll be happy for come across this cpap battery pack. It has a 24V/3.8A car port output that’s 100% compatible with Airsense 10, recommend to purchase Flashfish 24V CPAP DC cable(SOLD SEPARATELY) together. So that you’ll get much longer working time for your cpap when use DC power.

4. EMERGENCY LIGHT & LCD SCREEN - Not only supply electricity for your devices, this camping battery pack also has illumination function; It can be used as read light and SOS light, no worries no light when power outage. Moreover, LCD display shows you the wattage of input or output in real time, and the remaining battery/charging/AC output/DC output status.

5. 12 MONTHS PRODUCT GUARANTEE - Flashfish offers 24h friendly customer service or technical support, and a 12 months product guarantee.

Recent Reviews ( 10 )
ByTally Esq.Saturday, 15 May 2021
last one is touch screen for my bro, this one is also very amazing! I love both
ByMike KlingnerMonday, 26 April 2021
Very nice, but I can only power my BIPAP one night using up 65% of the charge before recharging it.
ByMikeDMonday, 19 April 2021
Product is nice, useful, but the seller didn't deliver to me in second day, received in third day, missed my trip, 3 star
ByVioletta KivovichMonday, 12 April 2021
e have now power in manor texas I charged this ban boy up before the weather just to test it Taking care of the whole family Internet Tv Recharge phones Recharge led lights Recharge a fan I love it Get one
ByMike BaileyMonday, 05 April 2021
I was an avid camper until I couldn't sleep without a CPAP machine. Because I was limited to spots that had electricity I was severely limited in my options of campsites. Not any more. The Power Station has made it so we can go where we want and not worry about being able to have access to electricity. If only used to power my CPAP I can get 3 good nights of use. I did purchase a DC power adapter for my CPAP for better efficiency so that may have made a bit of difference as well. All in all a purchase I wish I had made before.
ByDerek IMonday, 08 March 2021
I use this to power all the equipment for my Astro Photography setup. It will run all of my equipment for hours and doesn't need charged for days at a time! I've also used it to power a CPAP machine while camping and it worked flawlessly! As far as customer service goes; I recently lost the power supply to charge , after looking in vain for a replacement online, I sent an email to support on their website inquiring how to purchase an additional one. They asked me for my order number and address and promptly sent out a replacement quickly! Great customer service and support experience to match an awesome product.
ByKevin EngFriday, 26 February 2021
This was used for my business, I started a food trailer and needed a power source for the water pump, POS (iPad charging) and lights. This product worked perfectly for this. I even used it for a fan and hooked up a strip to test everything and it all worked great. I never ran this thing low or pushed the limits on it yet, I have not seen the need to at this point. I do plan on buying another, possibly the next step up and run my cooler with that one.
ByMikedaveTuesday, 02 February 2021
Great product. I especially like that it shows energy in and out in Watts. Also that it has a regular 12 volt port, no adapter needed. The uses are endless. I’m not getting paid I just like it.
ByK. JandWednesday, 16 December 2020
This is a must have item for camping trip. I used it to charge my iphone, speakers, go pro, lights and air mattress. If fully charged, it'll last for my entire camping trip for a few days, I'll never go on a camping trip without it again. It also has a LED screen shows the power level. I'm planning to buy a solar panel for charging if going on a longer trip, it says 9 to 10 hrs charge time for using solar panel. Highly recommend this product! Good quality and design.
ByMeierMonday, 07 December 2020
I bought the Flashfish solar generator for camping and when the power goes out. We love this product. It really holds a charge well. I charged it up last year after the fires ( October 2020) and had to pull it out this summer (April 2020). It was still fully charged. My husband ran his computer and a portable dvd player off the station for 6 hours and it still had 60% power left! The solar panels work great and we have been really happy that we are able to fully charge the power station up with only the sun. We live in the redwoods and this power station is great for charging computers, phones and batteries. It has definitely been a blessing in our emergency prep. equipment.