How a Backup Power Supply Can Help Your Emergency Medical Devices

How a Backup Power Supply Can Help Your Emergency Medical Devices

Flashfish A301 is a portable power station that provides emergency backup power to your home and family in any emergency situation. When the power goes out due to a weather event, people often worry about the food in the refrigerator spoiling or their cell phone batteries losing charge. While the Flashfish A301 can help with both those things by providing emergency charging power to many household appliances and devices, it can do something even more important: bring power to home medical devices. 

If you or someone in your home relies on an electric medical device, power outages can be even more stressful or even life-threatening. Flashfish A301 is completely portable, which means it can be used in any room of your home, in the car, and on the go, even when there is no weather emergency or blackout. Wherever you need a power source, Flashfish A301 can be there. Here are three examples of medical devices Flashfish A301 ​can power.

1. CPAP Machines

Continuous positive airway pressure therapy, or CPAP, relies on a machine to help a person with sleep apnea breathe more easily throughout the night. CPAP machines increase air pressure in the throat to prevent airways from collapsing during sleep. Traditional CPAP machines run on 20-60 watts, meaning when used four to eight hours per day, Flashfish A301 can power it for up to 3 days.

2. Breast Pump

If you’ve ever relied on breast milk to feed your child, you know how precious every pumping session is. And if you’ve ever produced milk, you know how painful it can be for a mother to not be able to pump. Most breast pumps run on 20-50 watts. Flashfish estimates that if used one to eight times a day for 15-30 minutes, Flashfish A301 can power a breast pump for 3 days to 1 weeks!

3. Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen concentrators take in air and remove the nitrogen in order to create an oxygen-enriched gas for people who require medical oxygen. Many oxygen concentrators run on batteries that need to be recharged, leading to stressful feelings during power outages. For oxygen concentrators that run on 150-500 watts, Flashfish A301 can charge its batteries for up to 2-3 days, if used for up to four hours 1-5 times a day. 


Whether a natural disaster causes a power outage or you need to take a long road trip, going without power can be stressful and dangerous to someone who relies on an electric medical device. Flashfish A301 is a completely portable power station that can provide emergency backup battery power to at-home medical devices. You can even take it in the car to power these devices from anywhere!

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