FlashFish TP015/TP020 Flexible Solar Panels丨Rated 150W 200W

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SPEC: 6× TP015 150W (with 1× Parallel Cable; 1× MC4 Cable 2m; 1× MC4 Cable 5m)
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2 Year Warranty

Quick Charge for Your Devices Outdoor

Featured with 1* USB-C(60W) and 1* USB-A(18W) output port, USB-C port support PD charging.Charging multiple small devices at the same time, prepare for your smartphones and tablets(iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy), GPS, digital cameras, etc.Ideally suited for outdoor life and even unexpected power outages.

23.5% Max High Efficiency

Flashfish monocrystalline solar panel high conversion efficiency up to 23.5%;

It performs better than similarly rated polycrystalline solar panels at low-light conditions.

Core of Clean Energy

In the cross-sectional diagram of SP200 solar panel, we can glimpse the core secrets of clean energy. From top to bottom, every detail has been carefully designed and manufactured.
First, the PET layer provides excellent protection and stability for the panel. Then, the EVA layer, as an adhesive, ensures tight bonding between each layer. The core component, the CELL layer, is the heart of the solar panel, responsible for converting light energy into electrical energy. Finally, the TPT layer provides additional protection and abrasion resistance.

Folding Design, Easy and Portable

The SP200 solar panel features a unique folding design, allowing you to easily store and carry it anytime, anywhere. Whether you're on a hiking trip, camping adventure, or your daily commute, it can effortlessly integrate into your life, becoming your indispensable green energy partner, enabling you to enjoy a fast and convenient charging experience anytime.

Included in the box

  • 4× Conversion Port
  • 1× MC4 to DC5521
  • 1× MC4 to Anderson
  • 1× Dual DC5521 male connector cable