Flashfish A301 Can Power Your Entire Home for Days on End

Flashfish A301 Can Power Your Entire Home for Days on End - Flashfish Solar Generator

What if you never had to worry about power outages? The Flashfish A301 home battery backup makes that dream a reality.

As the climate continues to change, a growing number of consumers and businesses are striving to promote environmentally sustainable actions, particularly in regard to energy consumption. The innovative Flashfish A301 gathers energy from a variety of sources, including solar energy, to allow the customer to charge the battery in the most convenient way for them.

Flashfish A301 can fit most solar panels that rotates to harvest solar energy at the optimal angle throughout the day. For indoor charging, simply plug the battery into a wall socket, and the proprietary Fast charge technology achieves a full charge in only three and a half hours. And Flashfish A301 works in travel situations by connecting to a car charger.

At this point in the carbon timeline, dramatic climate change is inescapable. What we do from here forward will determine the extent of the catastrophe.

As the climate change threat becomes more visible every day, people working to make positive changes — no matter how incremental — provide the boost of hope needed to keep improving our world.

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