FlashFish A1001+TSP100x2 Solar Generator Kit | 1002Wh Battery+200W Solar Panel

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SPEC: A1001+2×TSP100W Solar Kit

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A1001 Portable Power Station

Feature & Specification

  • 1000W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (2000W surge) with 1030Wh Capacity;
  • High-density Li-ion Batteries with 800+ Life Cycles;
  • AC Output UPS Function;
  • 4+2 Ways to Recharge (AC/ PD/ Solar/ Car/ PD+AC/ PD+Solar);
  • PD USB-C x2 : 1x 100W Dual Fast Charging, 1x 27W;
  • Mix Fast Recharge PD(100W) + AC (152W) 0~95% in 4.1 Hours;
  • Large LED Light with 4+1 Modes;
  • Smart BMS Multiple Protection;
  • US Sockets by default


Battery Type




Cycle Life

800+ Times


L341*W252*H235 mm



6+ Advantage

Flashfish A1001 Featured Summary

1000W 丨 1020Wh

1000W AC Outputs + 1020Wh Capacity

With 1 pure sine wave AC outlet, Flashfish A1001 can power devices under 1000W, such as laptops, drone, TV, minifridge, fan etc.; As a 1020Wh backup lithium battery, the A1001 provides enough juice to run essential devices for hours, depending on the actual output.

Phone 18Wh

56 Charges

Mini Fan 30W

34 H

Mini Fridge 60W

17 H

Laptop 37Wh

27.5 Charges

TV 80W

12.7 H


25.5 H

Projection 100W

10.2 H

Blender 300W

3.4 H

Toaster 600W

1.7 H

Coffee Maker 1000W

1 H

Your gateway to uninterrupted power for all your devices——

7 Outputs for Charging Multiple Devices at once

Within 2x PURE SINE WAVE AC outlets, 1x 100W USB-C ports, 1x 27W USB-C ports, 1x USB-A ports, 1x USB-A QC3.0 port, 1x cigarette lighter. It effortlessly fuels your daily electronic essentials. Charge smartphones, laptops, cameras, and more simultaneously, anytime, anywhere. Designed for convenience and efficiency, it's your reliable power source on the move. Don't compromise when you can power up everything with one station. Experience seamless charging, tailored to your lifestyle. Stay connected, stay powered.

Where innovation meets illumination——

3x LED Light with 4+1 Modes

Equipped with 1 mini LED light bar and 2 mini circular LED light, this powerhouse boasts 5W/500 lumens and 4+1 dynamic lighting modes. Whether it's emergencies, outdoor explorations, or camping adventures, this beacon of light guides your way. From a gentle glow to a powerful beam, adapt the illumination to your needs. Compact and portable, it's your essential companion, ensuring safety and visibility wherever you go. Discover a new level of brightness in the darkest hours.

Experience unmatched safety and security——

A1001 Safety Guarantee

Powered by high-density lithium-ion Class A batteries, it ensures reliable energy storage for your peace of mind. Our intelligent BMS system monitors every charge, preventing overloads and short circuits. The advanced internal structure guarantees stability in all conditions, making it your trusted power source during emergencies. With the A1001, safety isn't just a feature; it's our commitment. Power up confidently, knowing you're backed by cutting-edge technology, designed to keep you and your devices protected. Safety meets innovation in the palm of your hand.