FlashFish A601+TSP100 Solar Generator Kit | 540Wh Battery+100W Solar Panel

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SPEC: A601+TSP100W Solar Kit
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6+ Advantages

Flashfish A601 Featured Summary

17 Ports For All

The A601 backup battery pack has all the ports you need to charge your important devices for indoor and outdoor,features 6 pure sine wave AC ports, 2 USB-C ports (1*100W, 1*18W), 2 wireless charger, 3 USB-A outlets, 3 DC outputs, a car outlet and the SOS flashlight.

600W 丨 540Wh

Power Anywhere, On the Road or At Home

With 6 pure sine wave AC outlets, Flashfish A601 can power devices under 600W, such as laptops, drone, TV, minifridge, cpap machine, toaster etc.; As a 540Wh backup lithium battery, the A601 provides enough juice to run essential devices for hours, depending on the actual output.

4+2 Ways Recharge


Using the Flashfish 100W portable solar panel and PD USB-C 100W to charge A601 at the same time, fastest charging from 0 to 95% in only 2.7 hours. (This time is the theoretical fastest time, and the solar charging power depends on the intensity of sunlight)

100W Dual USB-C Port

Faster Charging Speed, More Convenient to Power

The PD type-c 100W port supports input&output, and it can automatically recognize and charge for your laptop without a button to start.

4 LED Light Modes

The light modes include flashlight and SOS. It's perfect for camping and emergency use.Ideal for preparing one in the house or office for power outages due to the disaster such as typhoon and earthquakes.