7 Benefits of Having a Backup Power Supply in your Home

7 Benefits of Having a Backup Power Supply in your Home - Flashfish Solar Generator

A portable power station, or a backup battery power generator, is a compact, portable power generator that can supply your family with electricity wherever you may be, home during a power outage or emergency situation, or out on the road without connection to a power source. Power generators store electricity in its battery that can power the household appliances and devices of your choosing. Here are seven ways your family can benefit from having the Flashfish in your home.

1. Versatile

Solar-powered generators can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you need to charge your phone, laptop, or run appliances in an emergency, these generators have you covered. Some even come with built-in fans and lights to make them more versatile and useful in a wider range of situations.

2. Affordable

Portable solar power stations are not only much efficient and versatile than other solar generators, but also much more affordable. You can find quality portable generators for as little as $200 – which is a fraction of the cost of other solar power generators on the market today.

3. Keep Security Systems Running

A lot of people may be so preoccupied with the other hassles of losing power that they do not even think about the fact that their security systems no longer work without a power source. The Flashfish to keep your security system up and running until the power turns back on.

4. Confidently Use Medical Devices

If someone in your household relies on an electronic medical device, Flashfish can ease the stress of not knowing when the power will turn back on. The backup battery power station can power a CPAP machine, oxygen concentrator, and even a breast pump. Keeping a backup generator in your home can ensure that all your family members can be properly cared for in the case of an emergency.

5. Operate Power Tools

Whether a hurricane knocked down branches or a winter storm piled storm inches high in the driveway, Flashfish can be helpful when you have to head outside to clean up whatever mess has come. Since the backup battery power station is completely portable, you can take it outside to be used anywhere in your yard where you may need a power source, even when there hasn’t been a power outage.

6. Green Energy

One of the biggest problems with traditional power sources is that they are not environmentally friendly. However, solar generators do not require any harmful chemicals or fossil fuels to function, which means you won’t negatively impacting the environment when you use your generator.

7. Low Noise

Solar power stations make very little noise as they operate. Some models are completely silent – making them ideal for both indoors and outdoors. Having a quiet solar generator standby is necessary during emergencies if you want to keep peace in mind without being drawn attention from other noise around you.


With help from Flashfish, you can bring a portable power source anywhere in or out of your home. Stay connected to work or family even in a power outage and create sources of entertainment by powering TVs and other electronics. Keep the family safe and power life-saving medical devices at home!

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