How Seniors Can Stay Safe with Flashfish

How Seniors Can Stay Safe with Flashfish - Flashfish Solar Generator

For Seniors, losing power can be more than a minor inconvenience. Serious power outages can last for days and can happen without warning. It’s especially critical for those who are older to be prepared for emergencies, when electricity is required to power the devices that keep them safe.

The Flashfish Solar Generator reliable source of energy you can count on when disaster strikes by keeping vital home appliances and devices running without interruption. It also powers critical medical devices, power tools, and communication devices.

These appliances and devices are essential for Seniors, for the following reasons:

1. Medical Equipment

Without power, medical devices and equipment cease to work. This can create a life-threatening situation within minutes. Equipment can include ventilators, respirators, rechargeable power wheelchairs, lift chairs, oxygen machines, etc.
It’s critical for these devices to provide uninterrupted service.

2. Climate Control

As we get older, our bodies aren’t as easily able to adjust to extreme temperatures. Keeping fans and heaters running can regulate the climate and minimize health risks associated with heat and cold.

3. Companionship

When communication devices stay charged, seniors are able to stay connected with friends and loved ones. It’s important to be able to assure others of your safety and avoid isolation in stressful situations.

Flashfish Solar Generator is ideal for seniors who live independently: 

1. It’s safe and easy to use.

Unlike traditional generators, Flashfish does not emit gas or harmful substances. They are 100% safe for indoor use. And they’re easy to use! Flashfish doesn’t require installation or learning- simply take it out, turn it on, plug in your device, and you have power!

2. It’s affordable.

An investment in Flashfish products has no subsequent usage cost, meaning no additional gas or fuel is required.

3. Installation is straight-forward.

No permit or installation is needed. Turn it on, plug it in, and you have power! Directions can be found on our website or are included in the product packaging.

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Best Regards
Dennis Demchyna"

Joyceanne BEACHEM

Joyceanne BEACHEM

My Flashfish EA200 will not charge fully. I am wondering if it is the cord. Would you please provide us with the type of cord we need please?
Thanks for the help.

Marie Pappania

Marie Pappania

I bought the 200w unit. I had an issue with the AC capabilities and I only had to contact customer service and inform them and they quickly replaced the item once the serial number was verified. Love that! No hassle . The product works great too! Just what I needed 👍

Teresa Upchurch

Teresa Upchurch

We bought ac output 110v/60hc flash fish battery backup for my husband cp we had it for 2 or three years and never had to use it but I would charge it about once a month we needed it last week it wouldn’t work when we try to plug it in is there any thing I can do can you get new batteries for it we gave a lot of money for it to never get to use it

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